To celebrate the 5000th QIP action being logged in Penelope QIP, we’re offering limited opportunities for service’s to receive $50 off our popular QIP setup service.

The way it works is, service’s first email their current QIP to Soon after, we’ll reply with a quote on getting it setup within our online platform. On your acceptance, we get to work and then let you know when we’re done and if we have any suggestions on how your QIP can be improved.

From there, your QIP can then be managed online by your team who login and share their ideas and the workload in keeping your QIP up-to-date. Better yet, we also provide support and free online training in how to best manage your QIP now that it’s ‘in the cloud’.

The National Quality Standard (NQS) changed in February 2018. Transferring your service’s QIP into Penelope is to automatically update your QIP to align with the requirements of the ‘new’ NQS.

Costs and receiving your credit

Penelope QIP offers a one-month free trial. If you have the time, you can transfer your QIP online yourself within this trial at no cost. We provide complimentary training and support to help with this if you’re unsure.

An annual subscription to Penelope QIP costs $350 per service. You need a subscription to continue to access and manage your QIP once it is setup online. The cost of a subscription will be included on your quote.

QIP setup quotes start at $200 incl. GST. The largest we’ve completed was close to 100 pages and cost $500 to setup.

State the code word ‘QIP5000’ in your email to us and we’ll automatically apply a $50 discount to your quote.