Penelope Self-assessment Calendar

Penelope QIP provides Australian Early Education services with an online platform for self-assessing their compliance with the National Quality Standards (NQS). Partner services can share ideas, and the workload of identifying strengths and opportunities for improvement, and seamlessly push them through to their living, breathing QIP.

Penelope’s self-assessment calendar breaks down the 40 elements of the NQS into smaller, more manageable tasks for your team to complete across the year. You might like to engage your team by printing the calendar (A3 is ideal) and encouraging them to tick off self-assessment tasks as they fall due. However, the best (and most sustainable) way is to have your team follow their customisable ongoing self-assessment calendar digitally. Each person will receive notifications of what element they need to assess each week, and they are then guided through completing the requirements for that element. Your team can follow the overall progress of the entire self-assessment, be alerted to any gaps, and can view the strengths and opportunities for improvement identified through the process.

Penelope offers the benefits of digital self-assessment free for 14 days. If you have not yet registered your interest, enter your details below and leave the ‘I would like to receive a free two-week trial of Penelope QIP’ box checked (trials are cost- and obligation-free, however you may uncheck this box to opt out). We will then contact you with login details and instructions on how to get started.

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